Friday, June 5, 2009

newsbit: Zotero suit dismissed

As per this post from one of the project's directors. Excellent news!


M said...

Dismissed without prejudice for lack of jurisdiction. That means a few things. First, the court it was later transferred to (Fairfax, Va.) decided that the case didn't belong there. Also, the Fairfax court made no decision at all on the merits, meaning that the court didn't decide whether Thomson had a good case. Therefore, Thomson is free to try to file again in another court to have the issues decided.

Of course, at this point Thomson may figure that it's already spent too much, and quit. Or maybe not.

-Michele G.

datamuse said...

I had lunch with a Thomson rep at ALA...I should've asked him about this. (He likely would've been completely poleaxed, actually.)